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The Performing Arts Office 

of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation 




The 60th Annual 

Citywide Dance 



Friday, April 25th, 2014 at 7:00PM


Thomas Holme School;  Academy & Willits Rd, (across from Constatters)


All are welcome to attend!  

Admission is $1.00



Program Objectives:

-To provide a cultural activity in which youth and adults of various backgrounds and interests can positively interact through creative expression

-To develop performing arts skills, promote creative social interaction, and instill a sense of pride & accomplishment in the participating youth and adults

-To provide youth and adults an opportunity to perform before an audience



If you would like to register your dance group to perform, please 

contact your District Chairperson. You can fax the completed registration forms to Tom Dignam @ 215-685-2218


Call Bill Powell at 215-685-2245 or email 

william.powell@phila.gov for more information.